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Bubblevision Core

Bubblevision Core

Central management and payment system for your laundromat or shared laundry facility

Our experience operating our own laundromats taught us that small things could have a big impact. After several years of operating, we saw that improvements could be made, but that the market did not have the right solutions. From that standpoint, we have created Bubblevision. Thanks to our online platform, you have control over your business whenever and wherever you want.

Bubblevision Core

The power of our controller

The unique Bubblevision controller is the heart of your automated laundry room. We have developed this controller completely in-house and it works with virtually every type and brand of machine.

  • Remote management
  • Complete control over each machine; price, cycle time, wash programs and much more
  • Full insights into each machine
  • Start or block any machine remotely
Bubblevision Core

Mobile payments included

With Bubblevision Core, visitors can directly scan the QR code on the machine and use a secure page to complete the payment and start the machine of their choice.

Need a payment kiosk in your laundry room?
Bubblevision Core

Simple Operation

Bubblevision makes it as easy as possible for your client. Because of the logical and optimized workflow, payment goes smoothly and you yourself get fewer questions.


Choice of machine

The customer chooses a machine with the right size and puts the laundry in it



The customer scans the QR code or goes to the kiosk, chooses the desired program, and pays



The program is completed and the customer goes home with freshly washed and dried clothes

Bubblevision Core

We know what's important for your laundromat


Real time


Bubblevision Core


  • Machines included
  • Remote start machines
  • Electronic payments
  • Payment options
  • Multiple locations
  • 16
  • via QR code
  • Bancontact, Payconiq, Mastercard, VISA
Bubblevision Kiosk

Bubblevision Kiosk

Add a payment kiosk to Bubblevision and receive payments by card or cash in your laundromat

For your machines

Bubblevision works seamlessly with all brands

Is your brand not listed? Contact us, we probably have a solution for you!

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